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HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund (HHEF) is one of the aggressive hybrid funds that aim to generate capital appreciation through investments in a mix of equity and debt instruments.

Launched in September 2000, the fund manages the most significant assets worth Rs 20,926 crore. The fund is managed by Mr. Chirag Setalvad (since April 2007), who has more than 20 years of fund management and equity research experience.

HHEF is ranked behind many of its peers on a 1-year and 2-year rolling return basis and is one of the top performers on a 3-year and 5-year rolling return basis. Other top performers in the category include Mirae Asset Hybrid Equity Fund, ICICI Pru Equity & Debt Fund, Canara Robeco Equity Hybrid Fund, SBI Equity Hybrid Fund, and Sundaram Equity Hybrid Fund.

As regards the risk-return profile, the fund’s volatility was lower than most category funds but higher than the index. It has rewarded investors with reasonable risk-adjusted returns, nevertheless.

HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund Investment Strategy

Classified as an aggressive hybrid fund, HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund can invest 65–80% of its assets in equity related instruments and 20–35% in debt instruments. There is the flexibility to invest in market capitalization.

The fund’s equity strategy includes a focus on quality businesses with reasonable prospects for growth, financial robustness, and sustainable business models, which are available at acceptable valuations. It follows a bottom-up approach to select stocks during market capitalization and aims to maintain a diversified portfolio at all times.

On the debt line, the fund can invest in the entire debt instrument portfolio. The allocation in debt instruments is based on credit quality, liquidity, interest rates, and their outlook.

HHEF follows a multi-cap approach with a large-cap bias to invest in market capitalization. The fund typically allocates about 70 percent of its equity portfolio.

The allocation of funds to large caps has been in the range of 45–55 percent in the last 12 months, while it has a significant allocation of 10–15 percent to mid-cap and smaller-cap from 5–10 percent.  The fund has slightly reduced its exposure to medium and small caps over the past year, while large caps have increased.

HHEF invests about 30 percent of its assets for moderate to high rated debt instruments. The debt portfolio mainly consists of corporate debt and government securities.

Suitability of HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund

HHEF is investing in a mix of equity and debt instruments that can help exploit the changing dynamics in asset classes. While the equity portion may allow capital growth, the debt portion can serve as a cushion against market volatility. HHEF invests in a well-diversified portfolio in market capitalization. Its large-cap bias can provide stability, while its mid- and small-cap exposures can potentially produce high yields. Although the fund has been weak in the short term, it has rewarded investors well in a long time. It is suitable for investors with a high risk of 5 years or more and an appetite for investment horizons.

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Now there are many ways available to celebrate the party in your house or office. You can plan everything just scrolling the screen of your smart device.

The person can express his or her love for their pattern just by just buying them on cake shops in Ludhiana.

You can get various types and it is made by experts from our company. Rather than buying many things to throw a party you can select one item and have a simple ceremony.

The customer can get the thing in their doorstep after placing the order. You can also purchase the dessert from a normal shop but here you can get various features and advantages.

Those days’ people gather together to celebrate the function but now no one has time to arrange the planning. Everything is possible in this modern world if you have an internet connection.

Choose according to flavour  

There are several types of cake available here so you can get easily confused. First, make sure what your taste is and according to that select the cake shops in Ludhiana. 

You can give a surprise to your friends and family and make their birthday meaningful. It is made using egg and sugar. If you are vegetarian then go for eggless.

They are creating according to the customer request in sugar level. Our company has many years of experience in this field and leading among our competitors. It comes in various shapes and sizes which are prepared from high-quality raw materials.

Just making one call you can get them without any hassle manner. If you are planning to eat a scrumptious thing then place an order which will be delivered in a short time if your place is in Punjab.

The student can also celebrate their teacher or friend’s birthday security in the school or college if you select the item in small. It will be easy to carry and the price is affordable.

According to the person choose them like for lovers then go for hearten shape with rose flower. If it is for a kid then order a cake with cartoon pictures which they like the most.

Occasional cakes  

The delicious item is available in different flavours such as red velvet, pineapple, chocolate, lime, strawberry, vanilla and blueberry and even more.

You can also add some quotes with the cake at the party and give them a wonderful birthday surprise. Get them for an occasion like Valentine’s Day, New Year, wedding, anniversary and so on.

The customer can clarify their doubt from the customer service and through the website. You can able to know the packing detail along with what material is used to design them from the review section.

We also provide a discount at the time of the festival so don’t miss the chance to buy them. Once you see the Best Cakes In Ludhiana your mouth will be watering since it has bright colour and smell in it.

Moreover, give the right home address to get them in the right duration. If you place the cart morning then on the same day you will receive it.

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You all think that men or boys always fall for gadgets and other gift items. Actually, men will be the happiest ones if you choose personalised gifts for him. Sometimes he will act like hesitating it but they will understand its value.

Irrespective of the worth your boy will enjoy getting that gift. For sure he will look into that gift every day even every time. Just imagine the personalised gift that is packed with a frame in that you would have added and merged all the images you took together. It’s really nice, right?

How suitable is personalised gift?

You no need to doubt whether the personalised gift will suit the occasion or not. This type of gift is best for all the events. Even his birthday or any special day you all set to effortlessly choose this gift and enjoy a lot.

If it’s time to gift him anything there comes confirmation of what to choose. From now you no need to have that mess. All you need to do is simply choosing this gift. So many numbers of gifts are accessible specifically for all the events. Even though it does not match with the specialty of this gift only in this gift you will able to do include memorable things like pictures, names, special date and many more.

That is why you want to choose this particular type of gift. With the help of this gift, you will able to go to any event confidentially. No need to have any reluctance like whether your loved ones will like it or not. By means of the personalised gift, you will be able to allow to easily make your loved ones happy.

Regardless of the occasion simply choose this gift and will make you happy in many ways for sure. It is an affordable price as well.

Why choose online?

A platform that facilitates you to choose the best-personalised gift in an easy way is online. It alone will provide you the list of gifts under personalised gift. Thus you can select the preferable one. With the help of the online site, you will be able to easily get any sorts of the gift based on your choice.

If you visit the online site you will be able to witness anything. if you are going to purchase personalised gift for him then you will be allowed to get the best gift. All you want to do is simply searching for the gift you want. it has so many from that you want to choose the best and suitable gift.

The most exciting thing about the online site is that if you order the personalised gifts for him in the online site you will be able to get it on your doorstep at the same time you all set to send the selected personalised gift to your closed one as well. Regardless of the type of gift, you all set to choose and send anywhere with the help of the online site.

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Post office fixed deposit is a saving cum investment instrument offered by the Government of India, extended via the Indian Postal Services.

These are primarily categorised as small savings schemes, offered against sovereign guarantee backed by the central government.

Post office FD is considered as one of the most popular types of investment options available in India, primarily because of the assured, high-yield offered after the investment period. 

Investing in Post Office FD

These FDs offer a flexible investment tenor, ranging from 1 to 5 years, against an attractive post office interest rate. As of 1st July 2019, the applicable interest rate is the following – 

  • 6.9% for 1 year, 2 years, and 3 year FD accounts.
  • 7.7% for 5 years FD accounts.

Post office fixed deposits are ideal for individuals with a low-risk appetite. A healthy rate of interest along with assured returns is what makes FD better than any other investment and beneficial for first time investors or individuals looking for guaranteed wealth accumulation.

Details regarding post office fixed deposit

Post office FD account can be opened with a minimum investment of Rs.1000, which can be increased in multiples of Rs.100.

The accumulated interest is calculated on a quarterly basis; however, it is disbursed annually. 

Any individual above 10 years of age can opt for an FD account. Minors below the age of 18 will require a guardian on behalf of themselves to operate the account.

Other than that, investors can also opt for a joint account with a maximum of 3 adults. Single accounts can be converted to joint FDs, and vice versa, according to an investor’s discretion. 

Another significant benefit of post office fixed deposit is the nomination facility. It adds further safekeeping of funds in case of untimely demise of the account holder.

An investor can select a nominee while opening an account, or during any stage of the investment’s tenor.

Benefits of post office FD

Along with an attractive post office interest rate, there are several other benefits of this type of FDs that an individual can enjoy. 

These include – 

  • These accounts can be transferred from one branch of a post office to another at the discretion of the investor. 
  • The Government of India also allows investors to open any number of FD accounts as per their financial requirements. 
  • Premature withdrawal of the fixed deposit is not allowed before a minimum lock-in period of 6 months. In case the account is liquidated during a period of 6 to 12 months, standard savings account interest rates will be applicable. It makes premature withdrawal of fixed deposits not financially advisable. 
  • There is no maximum limit that can be deposited in a post office FD. Individuals can benefit from higher wealth accumulation with post office interest rate by investing a larger sum.

Investors can open their FD account online by using mobile banking or net banking facilities. It allows prospective investors to avoid the lengthy application process and save both time and effort.

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Documentation required while opening a post office FD

Investors need to submit only minimum paperwork while opening a post office FD.

Take a look at the required documents –

  • Specimen signature slip.
  • Pay-in-slip (SB103).
  • Duly filled application form.

If someone requires to transfer an FD account from one branch to another, he/she will have to submit form SB10(b) with necessary information regarding the existing branch and the branch to be transferred to.

If an investor aims for even higher wealth accumulation, he or she can opt for an FD from other financial institutions as well.

Companies like Bajaj Finance offers interest rates of up to 8.10%, which can help accumulate a significantly larger sum for a similar investment tenor. Moreover, senior citizens can enjoy an additional 0.25% interest over and above the existing rates. 

Although the minimum account balance is higher, i.e. Rs.25,000, the significant return makes Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits ideal for all types of investors.

These instruments are also rated stable by CRISIL and ICRA, ensuring assured returns against the invested sum. Investors can also benefit from Systematic Deposit Plan to grow their investment in a disciplined manner over time.

Author Bio:

Gaurav Khanna is an experienced financial advisor, digital marketer, and writer who is well known for his ability to predict market trends. Check out his blog at HighlightStory

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The time when you lose a loved one is really paining and disturbing. You feel really alone and broker. But again, you have to ensure that their last ride gets performed in the bet’s manner right? you would never want to see everything going topsy-turvy right?

Here, what you can do is you can ensure that you have the proper arrangements even at that pained time. you can speak with professionals and they would decide for everything. They would provide you with Dead body van and do all the needed things to ensure that you don’t have to take any pain or tension.

Perfect and professional

Again, if you want to ensure that the funeral ceremony goes properly and professionally then you have to put a pinch of professionalism. Once there are professionals out there to help you in your tasks, you can be at ease. They would do all the things that you want to be there in the procession and the funeral ceremony. They are perfect at doing it and they would do it in the professional manner.

Maybe if you do it all yourself, you might get fumble here or there. it is because you would be emotionally broken at that time. but These professionals, they would not be emotionally broken and they would do their task with proper diligence, professional and perfection. Since they do these tasks every now and then, they know what has to be done and how.

Polite and compassionate

If you feel that there would be harshness and cruelty if a third-party individual is involved int eh funeral ceremony then you are wrong. these professionals do know that it is a hard time for you and your family. They stay utmost possible polite and maintain proper compassion throughout the proceedings. They ensure that they have the proper arrangements for the entire work. They would attend everything in the funeral with utmost compassion and passion. They won’t disappoint you or anyone for that matter.

You know, even if your family members or guests are disturbed, you don’t have to worry about anything. You can be comfortable and at ease. These professionals are trained to swallow the hard-uttered words of people during such times. Since people are pained, disturbed and sad, they can get rude and this is something that professionals understand to the most. They don’t lose their head and stay calm and polite with everyone. And ensuring that the entire ceremony and procession goes comfortably and politely.

Compose and calm

Since you won’t be in the state of mind to manage the finances, the entire arrangements and different things; you should take help of professionals. They won’t lose their composter and stay calm throughout the proceedings.  They work for you like your right hand and provide a smooth execution of tasks. You can hire van for dead body with them and ensure that they do everything from the beginning to the end.


So, there is no point of losing your heart or mind if you are not in a state of mind to take care of proper funeral arrangements. Let professionals lend you a helping hand.

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The solar street light is the latest trending one and this is simple to launch and gives the maximum brightness. You can use this all in one solar street light even in the school, complexes, playgrounds and other places.

This is less costly and also provides a complete lighting solution. These kinds of lights are having a huge backup facility of two to three hours. This is the good one for the user not only during the summer season even on the rainy days you can use it. The light is completely waterproof and so it suitable to be used in all the climates. 

What is special in the solar street light?

The solar street light is the newest kind the streetlight that needs less maintenance. It is having less amount of charging time but works for a long time. This is completely durable and is eco-friendly in nature.

The light is having a remote sensor and the other interesting sensor. These kinds of advanced technology are helpful for giving the necessary brightness.

The PIR motion sensor that is attached in the solar light will increase the brightness of the light when motion is detected. This means that it saves huge energy when no one is around there. 

The light will have less charging time and also it can be recharged within seven to eight hours. It comes with a warranty period of up to five years. Therefore depending upon the power the price of the light varies.

This solar light comprises the PIR motions sensor, solar panel, led light and battery. This is free from the dust and the rust in it. It is simple to launch in the pole and also never needs any additional equipment. 

The dust particles will get stored when it is in the outside environment but it also gives the indication to the user that the panel is dusty. So the people can able to clan the panel immediately.

The battery does not need any maintenance and it will be charged automatically when the sunlight falls on the solar panel. Thus the solar energy is converted into the direct current and with the help of the inverter. It is then converted into the alternating current.

How effective is the integrated solar street light?

The combination of the solar panels, LED lights, battery, and the controller is called the integrated solar street light. This kind of street light is less costly and also it is a good one for getting necessary brightness.

It can be charged more quickly and also it works for long hours. In the night time, you no need to switch on the light it will start glowing automatically by sensing the darkness. It is simple to operate and also easy to install in the pole.

It never needs any other power supply only the solar energy is sufficient. The light comes for long hours and also it is a waterproof one. This is completely shockproof and also no need for the cable to be used.

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In recent times many people have started to make mutual fund investments. These kinds of investments are the good ones for them as they can able to get a huge amount of money. The mutual funds’ income tax exemption gives a major advantage for the people to get a huge profit for them. 

The investors no need to know all the details about the mutual funds and strategies. This is because the investment managers will help them to get high returns. The funds needed to make the payment initially both the open and the close-ended schemes. The risky funds will always provide a huge profit. 

Which is the best scheme for the investment?

The investment is always made only when the scheme provides a lot of tax-saving benefits. According to the 80c ELSS is the best scheme that provides big income tax benefits. The investments can be made in the growth option. 

Thus it collects the amount for mth multiple investors and creates a balanced portfolio. This is much helpful for all the investors in the group as they can able to get the amount without any problem. 

The equity links savings schemed is the most followed one by the customer as this gives a great profit without any income tax problem. But even in this type of scheme, you can get only a limited amount of the tax exemption. This is the scheme that comes in the lock-in period of the three years. 

This means that investors cannot able to withdraw their money before it. The redemption of the money is possible only at the net asset value price. The customers should have to fill the form in order to withdraw their money. 

What is special in the equity scheme?

This scheme is the best one for getting tax-saving features. The investors will get the three types of options such as the growth, dividend and also dividend reinvestment. All these kinds of options help investors in various ways. 

The growth option is the one-time withdrawal where the investors can able to withdraw only at the end of the scheme. This is much useful for them as they can able to get mutual funds income tax exemption. The dividend is the money that is provided by the bank that too only the huge profit is gained. 

This does not come with the tax. The last option for the investors is the reinvestment of the dividend money. This is the good one for business people as they can able to get a huge amount only when there is profit in the whole period of the mutual fund scheme. 

They can belt output the money in the sip scheme and so it will be beneficial for them in the future. The dividend does not consist of any lock-in period and so you can withdraw or invest whenever you want.

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You need two things when taking a gander at beds available to be purchased: solace and backing. Picking a Sleepwell in Noida guarantees you get rest that would make you feel rested toward the beginning of the day.

Getting a sleeping pad that offers help causes you to abstain from having back issues later on. It can likewise enable you to improve your stance. You make certain to get continuous rest when you get a sleeping cushion that fits these criteria. 

Estimating the solace and bolster bedding offers is conceivable. Sleepwell in Noida with all the more spring loops give more help to your body. Those with thicker froth on top offer more solace. Beds with more curls and thicker froth are commonly higher in quality and are increasingly costly.

Remember this when purchasing new beds. Sleeping cushions are an individual decision. What works for one individual may not really apply to another. Evaluate the sleeping pad before you get it.

You don’t need to think about it; rests on it for in any event 15 minutes. In the event that it’s for your own twofold bed, you should test it yourself; if it’s for your youngster, let your kid attempt it. Consider any conditions you may have.

A great many people favour Sleepwell Gallery in Noida that are firm and offer help for the spine. This guides those with incessant back torment and fixes the spine, so you end up with a better stance.

In any case, individuals with hip issues might be increasingly delicate to this and settle on a milder bed. Request that your primary care physician prescribe something that won’t aggravate your condition any.

Helpful sleeping cushions and memory froths are accessible for those with ceaseless back torment and spinal wounds. Some of you may like milder beds yet wind up requiring a firmer one. It is smarter to counsel your doctor before purchasing any beds available to be purchased. 

Get an item that accompanies a guarantee. Stay away from makers who will not supplant Sleepwell Gallery in Noida that destroy effectively. Keep the guarantee card and receipt.

You have to keep up your solace level. Various stores have various strategies, so check first their profits and discount strategy before settling on your choice. 

Research altogether and try to get some information about what works for them. They may have useful suppositions and info that you might need to consider.

Go on the web and discover what every item is made of, to what extent it will last and how much misuses it can take from individuals and common components.

A few people will in general purchase what’s going on in the market, however new doesn’t really mean viable. Do your exploration, and pick what works best for you. 

At last, discover a bed that fits inside your financial limit. You will rest better around evening time in your fresh out of the box new twofold bed realizing you got it for a decent arrangement.

Take as much time as necessary when searching for another bed and sleeping pad. Keep in mind that you will utilize this for, at any rate, the following five years, so you are permitted to be somewhat liberal.

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When making an SMS marketing text there are a few very fundamental things that you require remembering to do. We are continuously astounded at the sum of users that try to send text marketing campaigns without these fundamental things in position.

Since an SMS is restricted in size individuals attempt to keep characters in a range of methods and sometimes overlook to keep in the most fundamental of details.

You may consider that an SMS is just one hundred and sixty characters and that there is not much to think about, but you will be incorrect. SMS is a very special and direct method, without thinking carefully about the content, delivery, and CTAs in your message you can prospectively see a number of opt-outs from your record.

Though, if you accomplish it effectively SMS can become an authoritative and well-considered portion of your marketing plan.

Exhibit your business name

A number of people overlook this most fundamental of information. There are a number of methods to do this.

  • You may fix the caller identification to be a forename up to eleven characters. The problem here is that it’s not a number so receivers cannot respond to it and you still need to have an opt-out process in your message.

You can employ manual processes to opt individuals out in addition, but these are less probable to be employed and recurrent messages to individuals that cannot opt-out simply will make a bad brand opinion. 

  • The option is to employ the opt-out number like caller identification.

With this process, the message is somewhat smaller and it is simpler for the receiver to opt-out. Eventually, this would produce fewer grievances and be more encouraging for your brand.

Qualify the receiver

Individuals not at all memorize why or how they appeared onto an email list, it can be like fleeting or not noticeable like a competition entrance, a review or creating an in-store purchase and offering details.

Smart organizations and marketers are now gathering opted-in numbers from clients at the point of interest and point of procurement. 

What they aren’t performing is succeeding the receiver when they deliver the messages. This is a lot simpler to do on email as you include as many characters as you require explaining how they appeared to be on your list. With SMS it’s somewhat tougher.

Normally by checking your organization that would be a beginning, then just talk about the relationship prior to the offer.

For example, Customers, Members, Entrants, etc. By rapidly stating how the receiver came to be on the listing it would make them sense easier regarding the communication.

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Add an attractive call to action

You may simply connect with a customer through mobile by appending valuable calls to action. You may use SMS keywords to have individuals respond to the SMS with. This is enormous for event notices.

With keywords, you may also append auto-responders that may deliver further information and add them to divided lists.

You may also affix URLs to mobile web pages, Google maps, mobile video, and even app downloads. There are a large number of URL shorteners present that are outstanding for use with text messages.

Send the best details and offers

As the mobile phone is like a person means you require making powerful, time responsive offers to give individuals a sense of worth from your text messages. They require the feeling that they are obtaining something that others are not and that it was the best decision to relinquish their mobile phone number.

Good SMS text can come in the type of freebies, mobile coupons, discounts, aide memoirs, links to free apps, competition access, mobile video, notifications. Just delivering an indistinct sale notification has a tendency to come all over like spammy and would most likely result in unsubscribing.

Most significantly make the receiver experience that they were particular in attaining the SMS, with the best SMS interface you can employ database variables to put in an individual’s name and different details into the SMS.

Don’t attempt to be funky with text communication

Limiting words and funky contractions are employed by individuals with no keyboard, some advertisers attempt to use this lingo to keep characters, and we get it is a lot better to converse in an easy, plain and appropriate language. When promoting you require individuals to go through and know a precise and concise SMS fast, they don’t require being decoding some type of code.

Also, individuals understand you have admittance to a keyboard and sufficient time to consider what you are writing so you would come in the eyes of young people anyhow.

So, whether you send bulk SMS or promotional SMS, using the above methods will be very useful for you.

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Traditionally, employees found it difficult to check their PF claim status as there was no way to do it except visiting the local EPF office. However, now you do not need to visit the EPFO office or depend on your employer for knowing your PF claim status. 

Let us see how you can check your PF claim status using your mobile phone:

Umang App 

The Government of India has launched multi-functional mobile apps like the Umang app that enables you to fetch all the details regarding your PF account on the go. You can access your PF account passbook, raise a PF claim, and also track your PF claim status using this app. This app is available for both Android and iPhone users. 

Missed call

Now you can send a missed call on 011-22901406 from your registered mobile number to know your PF claim status. The call with get automatically disconnected after a few rings, and you will receive the PF claim status update as an SMS on your phone. However, for that, your UAN number should be linked with your PAN, AADHAAR number, and bank account number. This service is toll-free, and you can use both regular phones and smartphones to check your PF claim status.


Employees who have activated their UAN can also check their PF claim status by sending an SMS on 7738299899 from their registered mobile number. They need to type EPFOHO UAN and send it on the aforementioned number.

The SMS facility can be availed in ten languages and if users want to access their PF details in any other language apart from English, they need to also include the first three characters of the language after the UAN. For example, users who want to check their PF claim status in the Hindi language will send SMS as ‘EPFOHO UAN HIN’ on 7738299899.

How can you multiply your PF corpus?

If you decide to withdraw your PF amount after leaving your job or upon retirement, it makes sense to look for investment options that can help you grow your PF corpus. EPF is a debt-focussed investment, and hence, it fails to provide good returns when the inflation levels in the market are very high. The Government decides interest rate for EPF depending upon the liquidity in the system. The interest rate changes every quarter.

However, there is a better investment alternative like Company FD, which offers better returns than EPF and most other fixed-income investments. Here, the interest rate doesn’t change every quarter since these deposits are not directly linked to RBI interest rate movements.

Moreover, some company FDs like Bajaj Finance FD provide interest rates up to 8.9%, which is much higher than the current EPF interest rate. Let us see how you can benefit from investing in Bajaj Finance FD:

  • High returns- As shown in the table below, you can earn up to 54% ROI (Return On Investment) with Bajaj Finance FD. It is difficult to earn similar returns with other investments in this category.
Investor Type Interest rate Amount Tenor Interest ROI
New customer 8.6% Rs. 25,000 5 years Rs. 12,765 51%
Senior citizens 8.95% Rs. 25,000 5 years Rs. 13,377 54%
Existing customers 8.85% Rs. 25,000 5 years Rs. 13,202 53%
  • FD calculator – You can use the Online FD calculator to predict your returns in advance. This FD calculator lets you calculate the final amount at maturity on the basis of tenor and type of FD you are choosing. Therefore, you get a precise estimate of your earnings, which you can use to plan your future expenses.
  • Safety – Bajaj Finance FD is accredited for its safety and stability by renowned credit rating organizations like CRISIL and ICRA. Therefore, your investments are completely safe. Your invested capital remains unaffected by the market fluctuations and changing economic conditions. 

Company FDs are an ideal investment option to diversify your investment portfolio and mitigate the risks of other high-risk investments in your portfolio. You can invest in an FD with short tenor to beat inflation and earn high returns in the short-term

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