Best tips to manage personal finance successfully

Most of us put lots of effective plans in place but still fail to manage the personal finance. And the biggest cause of this problem is not their income but unable to manage their expenses. However there is not any specific guidelines which help you to manage your expenses. But if you do it in a right way then it would definitely help to manage your personal finance to a certain extent.

Today we are going to discuss some of the key factors which are very important from the perspective to make a co-ordination between your income and expenses. And if you can make a balance between these two points half of your job is done. You need to prioritize your expenses on based of your income so that you can not only make most of it. But would also not fall in the vicious circle of debt which can lead you to bankruptcy and some other big problems.

A simple step by step guide which would help you to manage your personal finance

1. Set up a goal and create a plan

First you need to setup a goal what you want to achieve with money. Are you planning to retire early and want to travel the world? Or do you want set up business so that you can even make money after the retirement. So once you have a goal then you can put an effective plan for your personal finance. Because if you want to retire early you need to investment some money in retire plans. Or if you are planning to setup a business then you should have some savings. So goal can affect your personal budget in many ways.

2. Make a co-ordination between your income and expenses

This equation works very normally and it is not a rocket science to understand. If you are expenses are higher than your income then you are falling in the trap of debt. Usually we all know but still some time we can’t stop our-self in falling from debt. And the primary reasons is not prioritizing our needs. We have $500 monthly budget on groceries and we exceeded $100 jut because we couldn’t resist to buy something which was not a part of our plan. Now this type planning is the main cause of our failure. But some times situation could be different lets take an example that you have medical policy but it does not contain certain type of disease for which you are looking the treatment. This type of emergency requirement can’t not be avoided but in order to make an effective plan you should have some saving to deal this type of emergency. In other words we can say we all should have an emergency fund in our plans.

3. Make a monthly reconciliation

Make sure you do a monthly reconciliation so that you can find out what have you achieved with your planning. Have you achieved your goal? is something missing in your planning or may be need correction?. Doing a reconciliation is the perfect way to achieve the goal. Other wise at the end of year you will find that despite so much planning and goal we still failed to achieve the result.

4. Always stick to your budget

We can understand there are lots of things we want to buy but we have to understand what is necessary and what could be parked for later. If we can control on our needs and requirements then making plans and goals all are completely waste. Eventually you have certain amount in your hands now the only things we are trying to do is to get most of out of it. And this can’t be possible we if have no control on our needs. So it is really important to avoid buying which is not a part of your plan until it is not necessary.



Tips to make money online

Make money online Money can be earned from various sources nowadays. It is not that you have to sit in the office and work for hours as it may become monotonous and you may feel disinterested. So one of the best sources of earning money is to make money online. As it needs less paperwork and time and you can earn money based on a different field in which you are comfortable and interested. Here are some of the tips by which people can make money online:

  1. ONLINE SURVEY: People can earn money by completing small surveys which will take about 5 to 20 minutes daily depending on the criteria of different companies. There you have to provide your feedback and opinion in the survey and you can select questions of your own choice.
  2. PTC SITES: If you don’t have much time then you can make money by joining some PTC sites. Here you will be paid for the advertisement you have to view and read without any investment which will take almost 10 to 30 seconds time. You just need to register yourselves and read advertisements.
  3. CAPTCHA SOLVER: Another way to make money is to become a captcha solver. If you can give 2 hours daily then you can work as a captcha solver. Here you have to read the captcha images and write exactly what is written in the image but you have to be very fast in this work.
  4. AFFILIATE MARKETING: As we all know that most of the working people are unable to go shopping so they shop online then you can go for affiliate marketing. Here you need to sign up with different online shopping sites and have to guide customers in buying the best quality products at an affordable price by creating a simple website. This helps to promote the products and it is suitable for those persons who want to make a big money online. It will provide you with 4% to 20 % of commission.
  1. FREELANCER- You can work part-time as well by becoming a freelancer. Here you have to work with different big or small companies for which payment will we provided. You can provide your service as a content writer, web designer, graphics designer, data entry services, digital marketing etc. Payment depends upon the time of work you are doing.
  2. VIRTUAL ASSISTANT- As a virtual assistant you can earn money by working for others without even physically present. It is just like the work a personal assistant does. There is a variety of task which can be done like taking care of the websites, counseling, writing and proofreading, marketing, publishing content, websites and app development, coding etc.
  3. BECOME A YOUTUBER- Nowadays most of the people especially the teenagers are more attracted to Youtube. It is no doubt a worldwide platform where you can upload videos which are helpful for people. You just need to signup and make your own channel and upload your videos like prank videos, comedy videos, cooking recipes, travel tips, how to do videos etc which will be useful for people. Once you get your viewers and subscribers then you will be paid for the views your video will get. All you need to do is to make your videos interesting to other people. You can shoot your video in a smartphone or DSLR camera.
  4. ONLINE SELLER- Online selling is different from selling products in a local market. Through online selling, you can sell your products worldwide and earn money. Here you can do 2 things either you can create your own website or you can sell your products by being a seller in any shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart etc. You can buy the best products from the wholesalers at discounted rates and sell them at a high rate. Here you can get ready customers
  5. EARN MONEY THROUGH SMARTPHONES- You can earn money through your smartphones also which will provide yours with extra incomes. Here you have to install the money-making apps and complete the task which they will be providing you like simple survey, promotingand encouraging others to use the app, play games, watch videos and many more.
  6. 10.SELLING OLD STUFFS ONLINE: Nowadays selling old stuff in different sites like OLX or Quikr has become easier which will provide you with a good money. All you need to do is just find those items that is no longer required by you, take a photo of those items and upload it with a short description of the product along with the price. The buyer who wants to buy will contact you and you will get the amount which was charged or through negotiation.

So these are the ten possible ways through which you can make money online according to your time and convenience.