Does Samsung Mobile Extended Warranty Plan Cover Screen Insurance Also?

Samsung smartphones arrive with a “basic warranty period”. This plan refers to the period from the primary purchase date of Samsung products within which any technical or mechanical issues related to the product are resolved without any charge.

The terms and conditions of such plans primarily depend on the type of device and its model number. In the case of Samsung smartphones, customers can also opt for an extended warranty plan. Such a plan applies only to those devices that have crossed the basic warranty period.

However, if your device screen is damaged due to an accident, expenses towards repair or replacement of this damaged screen are not covered under the basic warranty or the extended warranty plan.

In such cases, it is advised to opt for a Samsung mobile insurance policy which covers all the repair or replacement costs of your damaged smartphone screen.

Terms and conditions of extended warranty

Samsung has some stringent rules that individuals have to follow to receive financial compensation against damages to the handset.

Some of these directives include the following –

  • The financial compensation facility under an extended warranty plan of a Samsung smartphone is only applicable to devices purchased within India. As a result, individuals who have bought their phones overseas are kept out of the warranty contract. Hence, to avoid such issues, customers can opt for Samsung mobile protection plans, which do not comprise such terms and conditions.
  • Individuals should only use their devices as per the Samsung manual. Any deviation from the standard procedure of usage is immediately nullified under their extended warranty period.
  • If users have installed external and incompatible parts in their devices, they are not only ineligible to receive the benefits of extended warranty plans but also various other Samsung phone insurance in India.

However, Samsung is not liable to extend financial cover when the screen damages are due to accidental fires, earthquakes, and short circuits, even if the warranty period is not over.

How else can individuals insure their Samsung mobile screens?

Even though the original manufacturer is invested in providing financial benefits within the stipulated warranty period, Samsung’s scope of services is quite limiting in nature. On the other hand, several reputed insurance aggregators offer Samsung mobile insurance online which extend financial coverage for screen damages arising from several unfortunate scenarios.

Therefore, individuals can select a comprehensive insurance plan that offers more benefits on top of the extended warranty. The benefits of such Samsung mobile insurance covers typically include –

  • Financial protection from accidental damages – With this facility, individuals can receive financial compensation for repair and replacement expenses regarding their handset screens. On top of that, this facility is an advantage because Samsung Care has a narrow definition of accidental damages.
  • Cover from breakdowns – Popular insurance providers take into account the damages arising from electrical and mechanical issues. Therefore, individuals can also receive financial perks for disruption to mobile screens from both internal and external issues.
  • Inclusion of natural calamities – These insurance aggregators also extend their services for screen damages caused due to accidental fires, explosion, lightning, and floods. Additionally, these also consider damages from earthquakes, cyclones, riots, and stampedes.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to consider Samsung mobile insurance policies other than the extended warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Individuals can opt for a mobile screen insurance policy to further protect themselves financially against expenses arising from repairing cracked displays of their phones from leading brands. They can benefit financially from these insurance products offered by Bajaj Finserv under the Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions.

Individuals should also consider availing a mobile charger insurance plan to receive financial aid due to robbery and burglary of their mobile chargers. They can also mitigate their financial expenses arising from technical issues in the charging apparatus.

Individuals can also take into account the small gadgets insurance to reduce their liabilities from damages to mobile accessories such as power banks, Bluetooth speakers, and digital clocks. In this way, they can significantly eliminate their worries during the daily use of their devices.

Therefore, smartphone owners have coverage options such as Samsung mobile insurance policies apart from the extended warranty of their device, in case the display undergoes severe damage. This actively enables them to handle their devices without the constant worry for disruptions and cracked screen.

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