Indian Visa From USA

A visa is an allowance by a country’s government to enter its territory. The Indian government has now facilitated e-visa, which allows availing the visa through online medium, in an easier and speedier mode. They aid the citizens planning to visit our country for tourism, work, and medical emergencies. The visa can also be obtained within twenty-four hours through super express visa service. Indian visa for US citizens is procured via mail. 


  • Foreigners can apply for Visa to visit India through online mediums. No filing of papers and visiting offices is required. The Filling of the application form is the main requirement. 
  • US citizens can apply for the visa by transferring their photographs and passport copies to the online form and then pay their application fees through the use of credit or debit cards. 
  • The applicants will get their visas via mail after they are completely processed. 

Emergency Visa- 

The Indian government keeps the needs and requirements of foreign Travelers foremost. Under emergent circumstances, when foreign citizens demand a visa for traveling to India, the government of India provides the option of availing the visa within twenty-four hours of application through express services. These services go through the application forms within twenty-four hours and after completing the review process, the visa is applied via mail. 


Citizens who require a visa for traveling to India for a longer duration can now do so easily. The government of India has extended the time and validity of the visa to sixty months or five years to the citizens of more than one hundred and sixty-nine countries. 


  • The visa can only be obtained by the citizens who are planning to visit India for tourism, work-related visit or for any kind of medical treatment.
  • The passport of the visitors should have six months of validity from the day of arrival. 
  • The passport should have two blank pages for stamping the by immigration. 
  • The foreign citizen should have further travel ticket or return ticket with enough funds to manage their stay in the country. 


  • International visitors having Pakistani passports should apply for a regular visa through the Indian mission.
  • The facility of applying for the visa is not available for diplomatic passport holders. 
  • Each person traveling should have their own password. The visa will not be applied to participants who would apply on the basis of their spouse or parent’s passports. 
  • The facility of availing the visa for people having foreign documents is not allowed. 

India tourist visa for US citizens can be availed using the online medium to apply for the same. Travelers now don’t have to go through the tiring and complicated process for getting their visas. However, the approval of the visa lies only in the hands of the immigration department of the country. After availing the visa via mail, travelers need to get a print out handy with them while traveling. The hard copy will then be reviewed by the immigration officer at the airport. Thus the process of obtaining the visa by foreign citizens has been made so much easier now with the advancement of technology. 

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