Is It Safe to Do Shopping After Lockdown?

With most parts of the world being in a state of lockdown to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus, our lifestyles have changed in a big way. Whether it is children’s education, buying grocery, venturing out for essential tasks and even shopping for essential and non-essential items has been greatly impacted. Many changes have been made in our everyday living such as wearing masks, sanitizing residential and official complexes regularly, etc. People are most anxiously waiting for the lockdown to get over so that they can start visiting malls and markets for shopping. However, it is not going to be completely safe to go shopping after the lockdown ends. The best way is to buy womens dresses online, but still if you want to venture out, then a few tips mentioned below will be helpful to you in practising social distance when you go shopping after the lockdown.

1)    Stay at least 2 meters away from the staff and other buyers – While you are on your way to and from the market, and even when inside the shops, try to maintain a good distance of atleast 2 meters from everyone that you come across. Show patience and wait in the queue to get what you want. Most markets and shops have set a limit to the number of people who can come inside the shop at a time. Also, do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth until you have washed your hands thoroughly after shopping and paying the bill. Most shops are now giving free access to hand sanitizers to their customers.

2)    Shop alone – Try going shopping alone unless if you have very small kids who cannot be left alone. Avoid going in groups. This will avoid unnecessary crowd inside the stores. It also gives people fewer chances of being infected with the virus.

3)    Go shopping only if required – After the lockdown ends, it is almost certain that most people would leave their houses for work and other purposes. However, it is recommended to go shopping only if it is required and for things that you cannot do without. Also, buy in the quantity that you need. For example, stocking up perishable goods, which you are not able to consume in time, is only depriving somebody else of having it.

4)    Follow the shop timings – even after the lockdown ends; it is sure that shops would be open to buyers for only a specified time. Some time is allocated for the sanitization process. We should respect the shop timings and follow them.

5)    Make most of the online shopping – After the lockdown ends, there will be more people on the streets. However, it is best to do online shopping ladies dress to reduce the risk of virus transmission. This will give less burden to healthcare professionals and help in reducing the number of infected cases.

Shopping after lockdown will be safe if the above-mentioned safety precautions are followed rigorously. This way, we will also be able to curb the spread of the virus and contain it.

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