Popular Android Apps for business

With technology advancing at the rate of knots, and the emergence of the internet, businesses are finding it difficult to cope up with the expectations of clients and even address grievances of customers in real-time.

The onus is on the business to provide quick and timely services and multi-tasking is the way to go and mobile apps help to achieve that.

With app development companies going to provide customized products, business is able to achieve results in a timely manner.

There are tons of apps that are available on the android stores a business house is spoilt for choices and are really confused about which app suits their needs.

Below are compiled a list of apps that a business can use for its daily day to day operations:

Why business houses prefer the Android platform

The answer works out to be really simple as Android for professional purposes is separated from personal purposes. This means you can classify it for play and work and it is provided with the flexibility and power to emerge as one of the productive apps for Android.

A business house prefers an Android platform over other operating systems because of the following reasons:

  • By the help of Android, you can go on to develop a dedicated work for your business needs that do not mix with your personal content
  • The android apps for users are provided with various security features with an inbuilt support application for the users
  • As it is rated to be an open-source platform the mobile app developers are provided with access code of OS as it can be tweaked as per the needs of your business
  • The Android programming relies on Java that is easy to learn and for various business apps facilitates easy coding.

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Some popular Android apps for business

In spite of Apple IOS generating all the attention, the Android has gone on to rake in important numbers. As it is easy to use Android has gone on to attract a lot of business users. Let us explore some popular business on the Android platform

  • Base Camp- A app where the onus is on project management helps managers to organize or even assign a task to others. You can communicate with the team, manage your workflows and ensure that everybody is working on what they are supposed to be working upon.
  • Slack – This is a free app and basically a chat service where you can interact with others. For unlimited users, free services are provided and irrespective of the size this is helpful for a business. The moderators can go on to create various channels for numerous topics. Practically any type of format is supported as easy transfer of the file to others might occur.

To sum it up, the best place for downloading these business apps is 9apps download. It is giving a tough competition to Google play store as the same applications are provided with better features and free in-app purchases. Most of the applications in the Google play store are part of this app.

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