Registration of companies in the USA

America is in the top 10 countries for ease of doing business. This is true for foreigners and non-residents who can open a company in the United States as well as American citizens. When registering a company, the choice of state and form of ownership is important, the tax burden and available business opportunities depend on this.

The USA is ideal for business development. Not only Americans can open their company here, but also foreigners, non-residents.

Who can open a company?

Citizens of different countries can become owners of the company in the USA. Ownership of an American company does not provide a foreigner with the right to work in America as a private person, however, it helps in the future to open an American visa and obtain a work permit.

The amount of taxation of the company and available business opportunities depend on:

  • selected state;
  • type of company.

Registration of a company in the USA on a tourist visa

Opening a company in the States is possible for any type of visa. The main thing is that there should be no problems with banks, since not everyone opens accounts for persons with a travel permit. If the bank works with such foreigners, then no problems with the registration of the company during a tourist trip will arise.

It is worth noting that now American travel tours are combined, i.e. tourism + business. This further enhances the chances of self-registration of the company. The main thing is to have time to resolve all the issues with apply for ITIN while in the States.

Types of Companies

  • LLC (Limited Liability Company) is an analogue of LLC. More cost-effective in discovery and maintenance, but offers fewer options than Corporation C.
  • Corporation C is an AO analog. The shares available in such a company can be distributed among the founders and employees. The opening and maintenance price is higher due to many additional advantages (a simplified opportunity to sell a company, etc.).
  • Sole Proprietorship is an analogue of IP. This type of registration is officially allowed, but authorities refuse to foreign citizens who have not lived in the United States for at least three years, because they cannot fully assess the credibility and solvency of the applicant.

The legal address of the company may be located at the post office. In this case, the address of the registered company will be considered the coordinates of the rented cell.

How to register a company in the USA?

Our company provides professional assistance in register a company in USA. We carry out the work as soon as possible (from 3 to 4 weeks). You will need a minimum package of documents:

  • copies of international passports of future owners of the company (validity of passports – at least 6 months);
  • three options for the name of the registered company;
  • data on the distribution of shares in the company.

Our specialists will independently prepare documents, submit an application for registration of the organization and tax registration in the IRS. No problems with opening a bank account will arise. After opening the company, we will send copies of constituent documents to your electronic mailbox, and the originals – by regular mail. Express delivery is also available at an additional cost.

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