The Five-Step Beginners Guide to Hosting A Bar Trivia

Are you planning to host a trivia night at your favorite bar? Do you not know how to host a trivia questions bar? The below mentioned five-step guide will help you prepare and get started with hosting a bar trivia.

  1. Know your trivia objective – first and foremost, when you decide to host a bar trivia night, you must understand what your business objective is. Since pub trivia quiz have shown to raise sales and foot traffic, you must determine when you need that increase in sales exactly. It is not necessary to host a trivia show only in the night. If your Saturday afternoons are free and boring, you can go for a trivia brunch. Also, study about the trivia done in other nearby bars. The dates of your trivia bar should not clash with the other trivia event. Therefore, if a competitor is hosting a bar trivia on a Saturday night, you can opt for a Tuesday instead.
  2. Select a format for trivia – the next step is to decide the format for the trivia. The traditional pen and paper trivia have now been replaced by the tablets and smartphones. Many bars use the tablet-based trivia as it makes scoring easy. The answers are automatically submitted to the host through the tablet. Also, the game proceeds at a faster pace than the old school pen and paper method. Questions and answers, scores, teams’ standings are all displayed on the tablets as well as on the Tv’s.  This makes it easier for the host to not shout at the tip of his voice to let the teams know their rankings.
  3. Select a host and the source of questions – the third step is to decide a host for the trivia show and to know the source of the trivia quiz. You can either host it yourself or frame the trivia quiz and answers by your own, to cut down expenses. However, writing questions for trivia needs research and a lot of time. You can also hire a professional host for the bar trivia. Interview the potential host well to know his terms of work. You can also host the show yourself but get the trivia quiz created by an online quiz maker or from a trivia network.
  4. Know the theme – next step is to pick up a theme for the trivia show. Make sure to include general questions. There is no end to the number of general questions that you can frame. Themed trivia will attract only a few participants. Use interesting captions for your trivia like a funfriday, happythursday or Mondaymotivation.
  5. Plan prizes – put up good prizes for the winning team. You can give a trophy or a bar tab, medals or a championship belt. You can also reward all participants by giving them discount coupons or offer vouches. This will help you make a string bond between you and the participants.

Now that you know how to host a trivia night, get started to pop questions and win loyalty from trivia participants.

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