Top 4 Tips – How to Become a Model

Do you dream of becoming a successful model? Do you relate to the fashion and glamour industry? We have put together four important tips on how you can become a model. Here they are:

Your Skills

Like any other profession, modeling requires a specific set of skills that you need to learn to do the job efficiently. You can start by learning how to pose. Browse resources that can teach you modeling poses and imitate them. Since runway walking is a big part of being a model, you should practice that as well. The ability to pose and walk properly is a major differentiating factor among models. You can find resources like fashion magazines, Fashion shows or series, fashion photography books, video tutorials, etc. A friend can help you get feedback on what you are doing by taking photos while you are practicing or making some professional model poses. You can record videos yourself by placing a camera on the tripod, and review how you are performing.

Practice in Front of Camera

As an aspiring model, you will be in front of the camera most of the time. Practicing in front of a camera as you develop your skills is equally important. To do that you need to work with a photographer who works with models regularly. A photographer has the creative vision to show an idea, and you can contribute with your posing, expression, and artistic intuition. The photographer, with his technical knowledge of the light, camera, and setup, will bring his vision to life. Working with people in the industry will give you insights about the profession and help you grow faster. Be open and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Your Modeling Portfolio

In the initial phase of your career, you would be required to approach modeling agencies and other clients to get assignments. For this, the first thing they would ask is a modeling portfolio. An online portfolio is a convenient tool nowadays, which you can send them through many online platforms like email. And when you are meeting someone directly, you can also show them your printed portfolio. Spreading your profile will help you develop the network you need to get up in the industry.

Right Modeling Agency

A modeling agency works with the fashion industry to provide assignments to the models who are part of their agency. They earn their commission from the brand they work with and/or from the model. Working with a top modeling agency will help you get work that will help your portfolio and will pay more. Find a modeling agency that has tie-ups with a big brand or one that fulfills your vision. To join a modeling agency, you will be required to submit snapshots initially, which are also known by the term ‘digitals’ or ‘polaroids’ in the industry. The agency requires these snapshots, so that see how you look. Photos with heavy makeup or dramatic hairstyle are a bad idea. These photos don’t need to be too professional. You should include smiling photos, non-smiling ones, close-up headshots, left and right side profiles, and a full-length front and back shots. Make sure your photos are clear and sharp, which are taken in natural light. You should wear a solid color t-shirt and jeans. The modeling agencies are looking for simple and natural photos.


Becoming a model is not as easy as you might think. If you are lucky and deserving, you will be able to sign up with the right modeling agency. The agency will find jobs for you which you can choose according to your will. If you are not comfortable doing an assignment or if it is not aligned with your values, you can say no to them. Remember that your needs and what you stand for are more important than your work.

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