5 ways to study abroad for cheap

Everyone aspires to go to a foreign country and study there. Sometimes, it is to gain experience and the other reason being the level of teaching. Although it might cost you a pretty penny depending on the school which you want to go to there are many options if you want to study abroad for cheap. You must seek the help of a study abroad consultant

Here are 5 ways in which you can cut costs and study abroad for cheap: 

  1. Enroll directly in a foreign university:  While most universities in the United states tend to be expensive, many other countries offer free or low-cost education even for students who do not belong to that country. The Paris La Sorbonne does not have any college fee and only a small registration fee. The only disadvantage is that French universities teach in French so there is a language prerequisite to enroll. The other colleges like the Australia university of Tasmania comes with a reasonable price of 6000 dollars. English language programs are not restricted to the English-speaking countries. Check college websites to see if the tuition cost is manageable for you. 
  2. Volunteer abroad instead: Immersive volunteering experience is the perfect opportunity to gain valuable foreign language knowledge as well as hands-on experience without paying any tuition fees. Some programs do charge a small fee for students to pair them up with volunteering programs abroad, there are many free of cost options like WWOOF which is a worldwide organic farming network. It pairs volunteers with farmers who could use some help. You will be provided with free housing as well as food and with a little effort you could learn the local language as well.
  3. Complete a work-study:  Working while studying abroad is often suggested for international students. It can be quite complicated for students who do not have the requisite visa to be employed in a foreign country. Although, there are some programs that can afford the ability to bypass this sticky situation so you can study abroad and enroll in a teaching course. You can also choose a country which allows you to work while you’re studying. Many European countries will allow you to work part time. 
  4. Work as an Au pair: Going abroad as an au paid will the best way to cut costs on your study abroad program. The cost of housing will be taken care of and also transport charges will be covered too. You will be earning a bit of pocket money as well. There are many au pair resources which will help you find the perfect family in a country you want to spend time in. 
  5. Choose a cheap study abroad program: If you want to get rid of the headache of making your own study abroad plan, you can choose a study abroad program free of cost. 

In case you’re stuck in a rut and don’t know what to do, you can always hire a study abroad consultant who will guide you along this journey. 

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