Contenairs house, a good or a bad investment ?

Trendy, original and aesthetic to say the least, the Contenairs house is also starting to make a place for itself on the real estate market today. It may be a good investment idea for those looking to diversify their wealth at all costs. But beware, there are rules to follow to be sure of the quality of your investment and its success.

A modern and comfortable container house: it’s possible !

Put simply, the container house is a construction made from storage containers of all kinds. And if fairly rustic forms of this type of building have emerged in recent years around the world, on the Belgian market, you may be entitled to slightly more modern and friendly buildings.

With a floor or a single storey, of contemporary inspiration or of a more original style, which can offer up to hundreds of m2 of living space: this kind of investment may become the must of the trend in a few years . Currently located on the outskirts of cities, they are welcoming and comfortable. For interior design in particular, you can take inspiration from the decorating techniques of modern apartments.

Have your house built

Some real estate agencies can offer you container homes for a few tens or even hundreds of euros for luxury residences. But to have the house of your dreams, there is nothing like having your own house built. Be careful however, there are a few steps you can take to be sure of a successful investment.


In particular, you must choose a building plot, and on one level for your construction project. Containers need some stability.

Of course, you will also need an architectural expert to draw the plans for your construction project. This will be useful for building permit applications and to facilitate site management.


Finally, call on a major construction company for the construction of your house, despite the quotes which are more expensive than those of independent craftsmen. You will thus have better care and speed of completion of the site. Not to mention that this kind of service provider has all the necessary equipment for moving containers.


Construction of a container house: details on financing

For any real estate investment project, you must consult your chartered accountant in Saint-Gilles. Buying or building a house with containers is no exception. Your accountant in Ixelles or Saint-Gilles will take stock of the state of health of your finances. This will allow to know the ideal financing systems for this kind of investment project and to minimize the risks of over-indebtedness.


On average, a container house costs between 900 and 2,200 euros per m2, or 90,000 to 220,000 euros per 100 m2. It’s one of the cheapest real estate investments at the moment. But the fact remains that for the majority of investors, a mortgage is necessary for the realization of their project. Online banks generally offer better deals than conventional establishments. Take the time to compare the different proposals to be sure of your choice.

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