How to Know PF Number by Name and Using UAN?

Investing funds can be tricky when you are just starting earning and investing. Building an investment portfolio is an important process one goes through in their working years. It is essential to figure out which investment instrument suits your income range and budget the best.

Sometimes it is smart to choose a short-term risky investment plan like mutual funds. In other situations, it is wise to invest some amount in a secure long-term investment plan like Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits. 

A robust investment portfolio contains several investment instruments which serve different purposes of the investor. For the working professionals, Employees’ Provident Funds plays an essential role in their investment profile.

Since it is a crucial part of the investment profile, it is necessary to keep a record of all the activities related to your EPF account. You should know how your employers are contributing to your PF balance, your UAN number should be activated, and other details like your PF number. 

Know Your PF Number Online 

Here are a few steps to know your PF Number Online with the help of your organisation’s name. You can also find your PF number with the help of your UAN portal. 

Step 1: Login to your UAN Member Portal

To know your PF number online, you need to login to your UAN member account on the official EPFO portal. To login to your UAN member account, you will need your unique UAN ID which is a 12-digit number and your registered password with the portal. 

Step 2: Go to Your Profile 

Once you have logged in to your UAN member account, go to your profile. Your profile will have your details such as your name, address, your Aadhar details, PAN number, bank account details, and more. 

Step 3: Select Your Organisation

Your profile will also display all the organisations you have worked with and the organisations who have contributed to your PF balance. It is important to note that your UAN ID is a unique ID from the EPFO, but every organisation you work with will have a different PF number associated with them.

To know your PF number with the help of the organisation’s name, you need to click on that organisation’s name in your profile. This will display all the details associated with that organisation such as the organisation’s name, your designation, your salary details, the PF contributions made by the employer. You can find a detailed PF balance in your online passbook on the EPFO’s official website. 

Once you click the organisation’s name, you can find your PF number associated with that organisation. It gives you various other details, as mentioned above. 

All your PF account details are available on your UAN account. Your UAN account is a single account which has details of all your PF accounts. Finding your PF number using your UAN account is easy. Once you know your PF number, it is easier to check your PF balance online.

Ways to Check Your PF Balance

Below are some of the ways you can check your PF balance both online and offline. These are some of the simplest ways to check your PF balance.


Unified Mobile Application for New-Age Government is a mobile application which provides several government services. You can check your PF status by downloading this app and completing the one-time registration which is required for you to log in to your UAN account through the application. The app gives you a detailed passbook option where you can access all your PF related information. 

EPFO Website

Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation has an official website where you can check your PF balance online under the ‘For Employees’ services in the online services provided by the organisation. This makes it very easy to check your PF account details online. You can also claim your PF balance online through the official website of the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation 

Missed Call and SMS services 

You can check your PF balance offline through the missed call and SMS service provided by the EPFO. You can avail these services with the phone number which is registered with your UAN account.

It is also mandatory for the employee to have their bank details, Aadhar Card, and PAN card linked with the account to avail these services. 

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