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Becoming a well-known YouTube celebrity does not become that much easy. For some people, it comes logically, but most of the people have to formulate their own. Lena Nersesian (Lena the plug) is the perfect case of this discussion. She is the well-known YouTube personality & fitness a devotee who grown in the recognition on social media after releasing the sex-tape and her sex-tape get a million views. For some people, it sounds crazy, but for Lena Nersesian, it does not matter. After all, Lena got the actual fame and reputation what she wanted to achieve. Lena Nersesian has been recognized as the ‘terrible girl’. Lena the plug uses her brave body to accumulate fans in social media channels & YouTube channel which is named as ‘Lena the Plug.’

Following are several most interesting facts about Lena the plug that you need to know.

About education and family

Lena Nersesian (Lena the plug) was born on 1st July 1991. She is the daughter of Armenian descent parents. Lena was hoisted in the traditional Christian family in Glendale, California. She is the only child of her parents. Lena completed her graduation in the year of 2009 from a high school. After that, she took admission at the University of California which is situated in Santa Cruz and completed her graduation in 2013. She has a degree in Psychology.

Moreover, while Lena was studying in the University of California, Santa Cruz, she spent some time in Lund University as the exchange student and the university is situated in Sweden. She has a lot of fond memories while she was in Sweden. Lena loves Sweden’s food & people. In spite of all this, Lena also worked as the personal assistant & nanny to get proper care for herself.

Lena the plug relationship and boyfriend

Lena Nersesian is presently dating Adam Grandmaison (Adam22). They both have been in a relationship from September 2016. Adam Grandmaison is also a YouTube superstar same as that of Lena and have one million plus subscribers on his YouTube channel which is named as No Jumpers. Moreover, her boyfriend Adam Grandmaison is also recognized for introducing the well-known site BMX which is known as The Come Up. Adam Grandmaison owns the business of BMX clothing line & starts his store of Clothing in Los Angeles. Lena the plus and Adam Grandmaison are in an open relationship. Moreover, Adam and Lena connects in threesomes. They do not have any reservations related to leaking and filming their videos in their online act.

Furthermore, thy both pictured themselves in engaging in the threesome having Taylor White. You can also see the video on the YouTube channel of Lena the plug where Lena admits to consent to Emily Rinaudo. Emily Rinaudo is the best friend of Lena the plug and she is egregiously raunchy, as well having numerous of her videos of masturbating and sleeping with Adam22 going viral on the internet.

YouTube Career

Lena Nersesian (Lena the Plug) is moderately a new comer on YouTube. But, she is known for her giant strides. Lena is recognized as the rank B YouTuber having 1 million plus subscribers on her YouTube channel. She gets 67 million plus viewers on her 105 posted videos. According to his subscribers, her annual YouTube earning has been expected to be in between 14 thousand to 222 thousand USD approximately. Lena the plug is at present ranked on 4,971 on YouTube according to her Subscribers on YouTube channel. The posts of Lena the plug on YouTube have blogs on her personal life, relationship, sex talks, and various kinds of fitness blogs. Lena did not get the huge number of audience always. But, she started as a successful YouTuber having millions of subscribers on her YouTube channel. Instead of all this, Lena faced several conflicts on Instagram account because her Instagram account was continuously being flagged and reported for racy content. And this makes her difficult to keep her Instagram account active.

1 Million Subscribers

Lena released a video on her YouTube channel on 17th January 2017 and it offered the drastic turn which was in the favor of Lena the plug. She announced she will release the sex tape of her and her boyfriend Adan22 for the sake of getting millions of subscribers on their YouTube channel.

In response they both received a tremendous subscribers more than a million . Moreover, they both have numerous fans who are subscribing their YouTube channel for the sake of getting their promised sex tape. Thus, Adam22 and Lena the plug are known as the well-known YouTubers.

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Lena Nersesian income & net worth

Lena Nersesian exactly paved her to obtain fame & reputation. She was capable to convert her dull life into more engaging ones. And, now she actually enjoys her life. Lena the plug earns from her YouTube channel, her fan following, social media & her online store. She earns $200K approximately only from her YouTube channel. Her actual net worth is however unclear, but, according to an estimation she earns 1 million plus US Dollars.

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