Reasons Why Covid 19 Antibody Tests Are Necessary

The covid-19 antibody test is a type of screening that finds antibodies in your blood to fight the coronavirus infection. This test can be taken by anyone who wishes to find out if they have immunity against the virus.

An antibody test for Covid-19 does not necessarily mean that you have to be vaccinated before that. A person with no vaccine can also undergo an antibody test to see if the body’s immune system has developed any defense against coronavirus.

Key facts about covid antibody tests are:

  • The test does not check the presence of the virus itself. It tells you if your body has antibodies that can fight the disease.
  • A simple blood sample test is all it takes to get an antibody test done. You can book an online doctor consultation and ask about getting an antibody test. Only a doctor can prescribe an antibody test.
  • The test can find two types of antibodies. The first is IgM that happens before anyone gets the infection. In addition, IgG that one can develop after getting infected.
  • An antibody test for covid-19 is not the same as the coronavirus test. A diagnostic test to find out if a person caught the virus is the coronavirus test. On the other hand, an antibody test will show results of antibody presence if you had the virus at some point or if you are still contagious.

Why Do We Need Antibody Testing?

One of the primary reasons many people get the infection but do not know is that they remain asymptomatic. You may have the disease, but a lack of symptoms will make you unaware of it. That is why an antibody test is required. It will help you and the doctor understand if you had the virus earlier or are still infected.

An infected person without any symptoms can transmit the virus in the same manner as the symptomatic ones. So it is essential to take expert’s advice and do online doctor consultations to take antibody tests. 

Furthermore, antibody tests allow scientists and researchers to understand best the virus and how it reacts in people.

When to Take Antibody Tests?


  • You can take an antibody test after you get infected with covid 19. It will tell you if you have developed immunity against the virus and are protected against future infection. In most cases, once you recover from the infection, your doctor will advise you for an antibody test.
  • You can take an antibody test after taking the Covid-19 vaccine. Since the vaccine provides immunity against the virus, your body will likely develop antibodies in the blood. An antibody test is also advised to understand that the vaccination has worked for you. It will assess how the antibody reacted with your body and also the antibody level.

Results of Antibody Tests

Your antibody test result can be either positive or negative.

  • Positive result: When you have a positive result, it means there is a SARS CoV-2 antibody in your blood. It also proves that you either had covid 19 in the past, or you recently got infected. But, instances of false reporting are high, so it is best to get tested from trustworthy establishments.
  • Negative result– A negative result is a proof that your body still has no antibody formed against the virus. It could mean you have no virus infection or that your body did not develop any immunity even after you had the virus.

Note: Taking the antibody test will not be helpful when there is an active infection. It takes some time for the immune system of the body to form the antibody against the virus. Also, the test will identify the antibody’s presence only when it is present in ample amounts. The immune system takes 10 to 15 days to develop the antibody in the blood when the body comes in contact with the virus.

Bottom Line

Getting antibody tests is not necessary for everyone, but always advised. You can stay safe for yourself and those around you when you know your antibody test results. If you have questions regarding antibody tests, book an online doctor consultation and talk to a healthcare advisor today.

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