Regained confidence and more positive self image with Rhynoplasty

Nose is the most prominent part of your face. It’s the first thing anyone notices about you on meeting. If your nose is symmetrical people find your face balanced and well proportioned. It’s normal to have your nose reshaped if you are not happy with the way it looks and want an aesthetically pleasing face.

People may find their nose unappealing due to one or many reasons. Often people would complain and be ridiculed for a crooked nose, droopy looking, bulbous or wide nose or in some reasons your nostrils are too obtuse and lifted up thus showing everyone your nose inners. Apart from cosmetic there are many medical issues like breathing problems, sleep apnea and numbness which can associate with a deformed nose,

Luckily all these problems can be fixed with the help of Rhinoplasty or Wide Nose Surgery. You can opt for a procedure of Rhinoplasty and after examining the doctor can give you best suggestions. Along with regained confidence and more positive self image a nose fix can also improve your breathing.

Rhinoplasty is also called nose reshaping surgery because now you can change the size and shape of your nose with the help of this procedure. It can reduce or increase the size of the nose, narrow a wide looking nose, straightening the nose bridge, fixing the bumps on the nose bridge, shorten the nasal tip, reducing the width of nose tip, fixing overall nose symmetry gone bad due to birth defect or injury, fixing the bent septum or unblocking the nasal passageways and removal of cyst and tumors or widening the nose bridge or tip.

If your nose is too wide and you are looking to narrow it down then there are various kinds of Rhinoplasty surgeries available. Based on examination the doctor can recommend you an open nose or closed nose surgery. If there is a major restructuring required and the surgeon has no other choice but to cut open your nose and make adjustments in bone structure and cartilage in the upper portion then he may advice you an open nose surgical procedure.

However, if your problem area is the tip of the nose for example if your nose tip is bulbous or too wide then the surgical procedure would be minor and after examination the surgeon can suggest you a closed nose surgical procedure. Nose Tip Surgery or Tiplasty is a minimally invasive surgical procedure where the surgeon makes changes to the nose tip only.

Common reasons associated with bulbous tip are excessive cartilage, thick skin, excessive spacing between the cartilage and poor cartilage definition. The surgeon will cut and remove excessive skin, cartilage or fix the position and reshape it without opening the nose thus causing minimal scarring and less recovery time compared to an open nose surgery. Some people also opt for a non surgical nose job also called liquid rhinoplasty or Nose Fillers where the surgeon will insert liquid gel in the nose to make it look more symmetrical and smooth causing it to actually look smaller and more proportionate. However that solution is not permanent and the results may last from a few months to a couple of years.

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