Shirts for Men: What to Choose?

Having all of its diverse variations, the shirt is without a smidgen of doubt the most versatile item of dress there is. But the point is which types of shirt should you store in your wardrobe with to ensure you have all bases stylishly covered? Well,  you can easily explore and get the best ones for you.

Once you look into the options of Mens fashion shirts, you would find a huge variety for you. you are going to love all the shirts and you might get your favourite ones too. in this post, have a look at some of the types of shirts you might get for you.

Office Shirt

It might sound like an atrocious term, but the arrival of business casual dress codes has meant that you can likely clock in to your workplace in a much wider range of clothing than your elders ever dared to.  You can easily get the best options there too once you look around.  ah, there is nothing really like the smooth, formal looks of good quality two fold poplin cotton for that of an everyday work shirt. You can easily find plain, textured, striped, blocked and other designed office shirts too once you explore. moreover, you can even find double coloured shirts but again, in office, the more simpler you keep it, the more elegant you appear.

Oxford Shirt

It has been sharing its name with oxford cloth from which it’s cut, this amazing menswear piece has been serving as the base of many a stylish outfit for well over hundred or more years. The fabric is absolutely thick compared to most others in shirting, getting it a casual edge. A button down collar and that of hanger loop to the back of the yoke are simple design traits. It is type of a timeless shirt that you must own in your wardrobe.  This shirt is going to get you the best experience for sure.  you can literally get all the shades in this shirt and enjoy to the fullest.

Dress Shirt

Now, no matter you are a fan of getting suited and booted or simply not, society narrates that you are probably going to need to shoehorn yourself into a type of tuxedo at least a couple of times over the duration of your existence. In case you already have no idea at all,  black tie demands a really exclusive and specific type of shirt. Ah, a definitive evening or dress shirt is going to typically be cut from pique (AKA Marcella) fabric and that was originally picked for its calibre to grip the starch and keep the fabric crisp and stiff. There is even mostly a bib, where the fabric gets reinforced, a wing, pointed or even that of cutaway collar, and double cuffs that demand cufflinks to be worn.


So, keep yourself informed about all the options in the realm of shirts and check out latest shirts for mens online and ensure you have the best picks. After all, it is about your overall personality and a good and well-fitted shirt is going to make you look amazing.

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