The benefits you avail if you using the EV at home

In the event of getting ready to purchase your first electrical car, a question arises about charging EV at home. Some of us would have relied upon gas to keep our car running the idea of charging your car in the comfort of your home is a great feeling. An electrical car charger manufacturer in India relies on this feeling to a large extent. There are numerous benefits of installing a home charging module and some of them might be hard to ignore.

Cost effective

You might end up purchasing battery source from a third party once you need it, there might be an additional fee you might require for your charging station. Even it is going to have unlimited source of energy from the same charging station keeping the refrigerator cold. Yes you might witness a slight change in the electric bill; still you might be saving money by not proceeding to the public gas stations.

Locating your own home gas station is an easy thing to undertake. It is all dependent upon the charger you might be planning to use as the cost is going to fluctuate. Make sure that the price of the charger would be different from the installation fees. Over due course of time the expenses are bound to take care of themselves. Eventually the decision is going to be beneficial in the long run.


When you are having a level 2 charger, as per EV charger manufacturersin India it is going to take around 6 hours to charge your car. An example is if you need to wake up early in the morning and drive 6 hours to be reaching your grand -parents. The EV happens to be run low on battery as there is no charger installed at home. Now you do not have any option as you need to head over to a public charging room. Even you need to wait for a longer period before plugging in.

If there is a residential charging module things are bound to become manageable. Just you have to reach home, plug in the charger, then proceed on to sleep. By the time you wake up there is a fully charged car that is waiting for you. Once you have a charging module in your home it is going to be easy rather than resorting to a public charging station.


Charting at your home is a safe bet rather than restoring to charging at the public station. A reason being that the public areas tend to be a lot dangerous than the residential areas. Once you are charging in a public station there is bound to be some risks like parking your car in the common space. A possibility exists that it could be stolen as if you keep the EV safe you end up keeping yourself safe.

Till the point you end up keeping EV safe the task of charging  becomes an easy task.

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