Top 7 Unique And Yummy Anniversary Cake Design

Anniversary is the day when you both have taken an oath to walk together. This is the day that realizes you both, yes we made it. This is the day when you both can proudly say that we are one heart. This is the day when your love got the certificate of approval. So, it is obvious to celebrate this day in a special way.  I know some of you start celebrating from midnight. Some of you cut a delicious cake at midnight.  So today, I am going to share some unique cake designs for your anniversary cake. You can order these cakes from Bloomsvilla. And this cake will take you to another level. You can order cake online in Delhi.

Layers cake but you can say to write anything on it

This is a fondant cake. This cake looks so romantic, in its simplicity.  This cake is decorated with some flowers. You can see in this image of love is written on the cake. But it’s totally your choice, what you want to write on it. Whatever, you want to say to your sweet better half.  So this is a sweet way to convey sweet messages. And it will make your anniversary special. you can order midnight cake delivery in Bangalore. Look, these can be the star of your midnight celebration to party night celebration.

Rose cake

This is a rose cake. Hey, by its name and design don’t be confused.  It is not a real rose, it is a cake. When we talk about anniversary, love, couple, and romance. How can we forget rose? Without rose love story, don’t you think it sounds weird. So, why does not add this special, and romantic thing, in a special and romantic way. This is again a fondant cake. You can say to your baker, to bake the cake in whatever cream want. But let me tell you, this type of finishing you want only to get in fondant cake. You can change the flavor of according to your desire, and the color of rose you want. It is in white if you want red, you can bake it into red velvet. This is year don’t send flowers to your sweetheart. This year, instead of a red rose bouquet, gift this cake flower or bouquet.

Photo cake

I am sure you all are aware of this. Nowadays, photo cake is so much in trend, so you can also try this. If you don’t want to put both of your whole photo on cake. I am giving you another idea, it will be different and best. You can add any kind of romantic picture of both of you. Like, when you both had hold each other hand during, the wedding rituals. Any special gift or any kind of thing. This will be so good for a photo cake.

King and Queen cake

This is such a royal king. This cake looks so classy, and sophisticated, that’s why I called it, king and queen cake.  This is again a fondant cake. But it is totally different from regular fondant cake. This cake is so beautiful.

Greenery cake

I know this cake looks quite weird, and funny. But trust me, this cake is so much meaningful. If your partner loves nature so much, or you have memory-related to this. I mean, like you met first time in a garden or somewhere related to nature. You can show that picture through the cake.  Through this cake, I am just giving you ideas, you can make this kind of cake.

Heart-shaped cake

This cake can never go out of fashion.  Especially, red velvet heart-shaped cake.  So you can order this cake also. You can order a heart-shaped cake in any flavor.  I tell you, it will look so beautiful and yummy, in every flavor.

City or monument design cake

If your partner has wished to see any county, city, or monument. And this year, or this anniversary as an anniversary gift, you are making it true. I tell you, nothing will be better than this to surprise her. This cake will do your two work at one time. First, your cake will be the party center, and you will surprise your partner in a romantic way.

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