What is the best fabric and printing technique of a T Shirt?

When looking for a good t-shirt, the first thing to worry about is its texture. Personally, I prefer cotton texture because it is very durable, if I want to say the type of cotton, Egyptian cotton is the best type of cotton and it is very durable.

Polyester / cotton or synthetic cotton also works well, absorbs moisture and does not lose its shape, however, 100% cotton funny bus driver tee shirts feels better to wear and durable more than.

Many men mistakenly think of the thickness of a T-shirt as its quality. About the best quality cotton is actually quite the opposite of this thinking, thin, light, durable and shiny.

The T-shirt you wear for summer should be light and cotton so that you feel comfortable in it.

  • The T-shirt you wear should balance between the fit part of the body and other parts, for example, suppose it is attached to the upper body and dropped down; it is like wearing women’s pajamas! The T-shirt should be as close to your body as possible without stretching.
  • The length of the T-shirt you wear should not be longer than the top of the thighs or end below them. This means that you can raise your hand without the T-shirt reaching to the top of the navel.
  • The sleeves should be up to the middle of the arms, not higher, which is very ugly (it is not pleasant for anyone to see your armpits!) Not lower than throwing yourself. Unless you have very long arms, the sleeves of the T-shirt can be lowered more than halfway down the arm.
  • The shoulder seams should ideally be flush with where the shoulder curvature ends. In order to know exactly where I am saying, I used my own painting art to show you the exact location in the picture below!

What printing technique is used?

Screen printing was used to print designs on clothes and fabrics even before you and I exist, so a lot of time has been spent developing and improving this method. However, it is not always necessary to use silk screen printing, so in the following, we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of different types of T-shirt printing to choose the best method based on your demand and type of business.

As can be seen from the above phrase, the process of transferring and printing a design on a T-shirt is called T-shirt printing. The design on the T-shirt can be text, photo, complex design, etc. Each patterned T-shirt is printed in a different way. Printed T-shirts can be sold in a variety of ways. T-shirt printing and starting a clothing brand is one of the most popular business ideas for beginners.

Top T-shirt at ElegantGiftStore uses the latest printing equipment on T shirt for mechanic, which is undoubtedly unrivaled. T-shirt printing is done directly by DTG method with the technology of five white nozzles and four color nozzles with excellent quality and inkjet method. This type of printing does not use any transfer paper. The materials and inks used in printing T-shirts are made in the United States and no Chinese materials are used.

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